Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Noah Craft...Easy and Tasty

The 2 year olds have been learning about Noah for the past few weeks. Tonight we finished up our lessons with this craft. This is a simple paper plate craft. Each ark uses 2 plates (the cheap kind). I cut one plate into an ark shape as you can see in the picture. I painted it brown. You could let older kids do this part but I chose to do this ahead of time. I then stapled it around the edges to another white plate. This formed a pocket. During class I had the kids add colored paper to make a rainbow along the rounded edge. We then added a couple die cut animals and a bag of animal cookies. It's easy, cute, and a tasty take home! 

While we are talking about Noah I wanted to share this cute song that was shared with me by my friend Leah. 

It's sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"

Saw, Saw, Saw, 
Pound, Pound, Pound,
Build An Ark With Noah
So We Won't Drown (or you could say.....That Won't Fall Down)

I have play tools that I let the kids hold but you could also just pretend to saw and pound a hammer. They really like this song and catch on to it quickly. 


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