Friday, June 26, 2009

Jesus Calms the Storm


Here are a few craft we used when teaching a lesson on "Jesus Calms the Storm" during VBS. These could be used with several other lessons like Noah, Jesus walks on Water, Paul's Shipwreck, etc!

Ocean Bags
Snack size ziplocks work great for this craft. Place a small amount of blue toothpaste in the bag, seal it, and let the child spread the toothpaste out by rubbing over the bag. You can use stickers to stick on the outside or even place something small on the inside.

Wave Streamers
Use blue and white or dark blue and light blue streamers to make this craft. Cut pieces of streamers and either tape or glue them to the end of a jumbo popsicle stick. The kids like to help make a storm by waving the streamers (waves) in the air and then stopping when you get to the part of the lesson where Jesus calms the storm.

Ocean in a Bottle
This is a fun take home idea. I made a big one with a large bottle to use during my lesson with the 2 year olds. I found small water bottles for the kids to have. For older kids you might could let them help make the oceans but for our younger kids we made them ahead of time and sent them home after the lesson so they could have their own ocean at home to review the lesson with. They are a lot of fun. It is important to make sure you glue the lid on so it WON'T come off. I used hot glue on mine.

When rocked (not shaken) from side to side it makes neat waves!
This "ocean in a bottle" craft was made using the following recipe...very simple! This recipe works very well!!

Fill bottle about 1/2 full of water, add blue (just a few drops) of food coloring, shake to turn water blue, fill the rest of the way with cooking oil. Seal and glue lid! You may also want to add shells, fish, glitter, etc before sealing! For a different ocean in a bottle recipe click here


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  2. I used the water bottle idea as take home for a lesson on Jesus changing water to wine. I put red glitter in the water, it settled to the bottom until you shook it instant wine. the kids love it.

    1. Did you put the oil in too or just the water, color and glitter? Thanks!

  3. All great (and unique) craft ideas! Thanks! :)

  4. I love the "ocean bags" using toothpaste. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas. These are easy, inexpensive and fun crafts. And Im your newest follower:)

  5. Thank you for sharing your amazing craft ideas! I will share them with our class tomorrow morning:-) You are a blessing!

  6. Thanks for sharing these amazing craft ideas! I can't wait to teach my class with all of your ideas:-)

    You are a blessing!


  7. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing these fun ideas...can't wait to use them in sunday school tomorrow:-)