Friday, August 29, 2008

Balaam Acrostic

Balaam Visual
Numbers 22-24
In teaching the lesson of Balaam, I made an acrostic. As I told the story, I use the letters to help them remember the key parts of the lesson. At the end of the lesson, I had made blank block letters for each child and had them draw pictures that represented what each letter stood for. Then, they used their letters to review the story with a friend.

B – Balak, King of Moab is scared of Israel. (22:1-4a)

A – Balak asks Balaam to put a curse of Israel. (22:4b-7)

L – Balaam asks the Lord to give him direction. (22:8-13)

A – Balak asks Balaam again to help him. (22:14-20)

A – An angel appears to get Balaam on the right way. (22:21-35)

M – Balaam shares the messages from God with Balak. (22:36-24)

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