Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three-in-One Visual

I am a big fan of using things more than once, especially big things. My friend, Kim, and I made this two summers ago and it is still being used almost every quarter in our teaching. We took an office chair box and laid it out completely flat. On one side we spray painted it a dark gray with light gray circles to make it appear to be stone. After it dried, we stood it up to see where we would want the door to be. We took a pencil to draw where the door was to go and, with a box cutter, cut it out. We held onto it though to be used as the door. It will fold up flat for easy storing when not being used. We used it like this picture for Daniel in the Lions' Den (we brought in a lot of stuffed lions to put inside), Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead and Jesus' Death and Resurrection (place a mat inside for the body to lay on and then have the mat be empty for Jesus' resurrection). The kids love being able to act out each of these stories with this visual.
For the Fiery Furnace lesson, we added red, yellow and orange tissue paper to the bottom of the door and three kids could be Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (with a 4th child being the protector in the furnace). This was a favorite by the children!!!

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