Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jacob's Ladder

When teaching the story of Jacob's Ladder, you can use this visual aid 3 different ways (depending on the age you teach). Here is what you need to start your project:
A picture of Jacob sleeping on a rock enlarged to fit on half a sheet of poster board.
Color and laminate it.
Make (or find a picture of) a ladder to fit in Jacob's dream as seen in picture.
Laminate it.
Find angels (whether a die cut or a notepad or clip art) that you can write on.
Here are the 3 ways you can use this visual:
1. To teach the story, write different parts of the story on different angels. As you tell the story, add the angels to the ladder. This is great for older students to see the story progress.
2. To review the story as a class, you can give each student or groups of students an angel. As a class they put the story in order on the ladder. You can also make an angel that says "Team 1" and an angel that says "Team 2." Place the angels at the bottom of the ladder and, as you ask the teams questions, move their angel up the ladder.
3. To use as a center, place the angels from teaching the story in a bag by the ladder. When the students come to the center, they take the angels out and place the angels in order on the ladder.

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