Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Question Time

We have been doing this blog for almost a month now and I believe it has been a success - Praise God!!! I am always looking for ideas and obviously some of you are, too!!! Sandy and I are wanting this blog to be something that YOU can use. So, please take this time to ask any questions, let us know if there is something specific you want us to cover, etc. We want this blog to be a blessing for you and your students. Thank you for your support.


10 Minute Book Reviews said...

I love the blog, and we have even "featured" it in our church bulletin. Some of our teachers are looking at it often!

One thing that I would like--even if it's just "non-picture" ideas--are some ideas you have seen work in adult classes for decorations and activities.

One class I teach likes to do things that are not just lecture, but it is very difficult to find ideas for adults!

ANYTHING you could say would be a "blessing" for this Bible school teacher.

Ryan and Katie said...

I love this blog and am passing it out to my faithful teachers at church. My post tomorrow is about cheap children's decor for our hallways at church.

Similar to the memory box, we do song boxes for the preschool and toddlers that stay in the classrooms. There are random little items in a box and they get to pick one out and there is a song that goes with it (listed in the lid). For example a flashlight might be the days of creation song, or a little army man for the Lord's army. You can get pretty creative with it. They love it, and get more interested in songs this way too. It's a good pre-activity or end of class activity.

Melissa said...

What a great blog. I was wondering if you have any ideas for flip-charts for preschool, especially 2-3 year olds? Ones that are not lesson specific, like taking care of your Bible, that can be used every week? I can't find these anywhere, to make or buy.

Sandy said...

Have you looked at It is a great site! it has a bible section where you can print off words to songs that you could turn into flip charts with die cuts, colring sheets, etc. It also has several stories that you can print pictures off to and add words to make flip charts. It's one of my favorite sites.


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