Friday, October 3, 2008

Balaam Review game

I could not find a game for Balaam when I was teaching it a few years ago. I did come across a craft idea where the students made a donkey out of a paper bag or something. I took it and made this review game. I made a copy of the patterns and traced them on brown construction paper for the head and the ears. I made the mouth out of white and red construction paper. I attached the ears to the head and wrote the question on the head. I wrote the Bible reference on the ears (as seen in the picture). I did not attach the mouth to the head. I wrote the answer on the mouth (as seen in the picture). Then I had everything laminated. Once they were cut out, I added googly eyes to the head just to add a little something to it.
To play the game, the students match the mouth to the head and watch your students review a favorite story!!

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Anonymous said...

This is cool! Thanks!


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