Friday, October 10, 2008

Bible Class - Under the Big Top

I love turning my Bible classrooms into certain themes for different quarters or two. I think it shows the children you are excited about being their teacher and you care about them enough to put work into it. This theme is fun and easy to find clip art as well as other supplies for the classroom. You can also find circus sets at teacher stores that are already made - all you have to do is put them up. How easy is that!!!! You will see here a mixture of things that have been made as well as those that have been bought. Enjoy our Bible Class Under the Big Top!!! The door welcomes the kids to their classroom. Each child's name is on a ticket all over the door. When they come in, the first thing they do is their attendance chart. For this theme we have popcorn bags they can place popcorn kernels in their bags - 1 scoop for being here and 1 scoop for bringing their Bible. At the end of the quarter, the popcorn kernels are removed and bags of microwave popcorn are placed inside for them to take home.
One of the first things they see when they come in the room is the Big Top tent. We found red and white stripe material for $1 a yard and hung it different ways to resemble a tent. This is where we come for our Bible lesson.After each child does their attendance chart, they find their clown face at the center they are working on that day. We found these clown faces in Ideashop magazine.
These seals show the memory work we are working on for that quarter. While the children are at their center, my helper or myself calls the children up to work on their memory work. When they complete their memory work, a ball goes on the seal's nose. Again the seals were found in Ideashop magazine. We put these out in the hall beside the classroom so many people can see what our students are learning.
I found that some young children would get discouraged when trying to learn the books of the Bible. It takes some of them a few weeks to get them down. So, we created this board to show their improvement week after week. We took clowns from a set already created and placed them all over the board. We made balloons from die cuts as well as little children faces. Each balloon has some of the books of the Bible on them. As the children say the books, they move their face to that balloon. This way they see they are making progress toward this BIG goal. We also send home a note each week telling their parents how far they made it. For this quarter the note as a picture of an elephant and says, "______ 'nose' Genesis-________." This helps the parents know what they need to focus on for that week.
Another time we used popcorn bags to do this same idea. Each child had a kernel of popcorn and moved to the different popcorn bags as they said their books.I have different jobs for my students to do. I would always forget who said the prayer the week before or who did something else. I made a list of all the things I usually had the students do and each child has a job each week. I made elephants with each child's name to be by their job of the day.
Do what you want to make your room come alive and show the children you are excited about Bible class and they should be as well!!!

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