Friday, October 24, 2008

Trash-Filled Thursdays - Old Neckties

There are a few Bible stories that require a snake of some sorts in it. This is a very easy and cool way to make the snake part of your story come alive for your students. You will need the following:
an old neck tie
google eyes
red material for a tongue
hot glue gun or tacky glue
optional materials: quilt batting or polyfil
film canister with rice or dried beans in it.
Instructions: Glue the eyes and tongue at the end of the tie (as seen in the picture)
This can be the end to your snake (esp. if you are letting the children make their own snakes). However, you can add a different dimension to your snake by stuffing it with the polyfil or quilt batting. If you want to create a rattlesnake, you can add a film canister with rice or dried beans to the very end of the tie. Sew the back of the tie up so the stuffing does not fall out.

What the snake looks like if not stuffed.
This is great for so many lessons involving a snake. You can have the students act different parts of the story using this prop. What a great new dimension to classic stories!

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