Tuesday, November 11, 2008

David is a Shepherd

Last week we shared 4 lessons of Nehemiah that we have used as VBS lessons as well as Bible school lessons. This week we want to share with you 4 lessons on David. Again, these were used as VBS lessons and then taken to the Bible classroom.

David is a Shepherd Boy

Attendance/Memory Item: lamb
Bible Time:

We put the songs in a David's Song Book to use during these lessons.

Bible Facts

David is a Shepherd Boy:
Talk about what David did as a shepherd and how he trusted God to deliver him from a lion, bear and Goliath.

We created a babbling brook in the room out of plastic blue tablecloths. It was a great place to eat our snacks as well as gather all the students together to read, sing or get ready to go home.

Snack – shepherd bag with shepherd food (goldfish, pretzels, cheerios, etc); bread and cheese

Role-play – dress as a shepherd and collect the paper bag sheep from around the room; take them back to the sheep fold.
Craft – paper plate sheep – add cotton to the paper plate
Memory Verse - 1 Samuel 16:7b; Paper doll boy with memory verse
on the front. Opened it up and placed a heart sticker inside; Went over the memory verse
Game – Answered questions and bowled Goliath down

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Vickie said...

Becky- when you wrote on my blog- I responded and asked you if you had a blog. I didn't really know if you would be able to see my comment or not, and I guess you couldn't since you never responded. (I am still new to blogging!) And I meant to ask you on facebook what it was and then I forgot. Anyway, before I leave Paraguay, I am trying to get new attendance charts in the kids' classrooms and so I goodled them. This blog came up! I was looking through it and suddenly realized that I recognized you! And then others I know! And then I realized it was your blog! Funny how life works like that! Great blog! Thanks for sharing!


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