Friday, November 7, 2008

Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall

Lesson 3: Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls

Bible Time:
Bible Facts

Nehemiah Builds the Walls
Nehemiah goes back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls with a lot of helpers. When they all worked together, they were able to rebuild the walls in 55 days. Importance of the walls: to protect people from danger.

Snack – graham crackers and marshmallow cream – build the walls like Nehemiah
Potholders – “____________ is a helper” and painted handprints
Lacing – tool belts and tools
Coloring – colored a picture of the walls being rebuilt
Role-Play – Using shoeboxes covered with brown paper (bricks) have the children rebuild the walls – working together. Bought hard hats from Oriental Trading (take a picture of this for scrapbook)
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