Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From Worksheet to Game - Counting Games

These worksheets are found in the book Big Book of Kindergarten Puzzles and are so easy to turn into center games. Find the counting puzzles in the book. These puzzles take Bible stories and give the students things to count that relate to the story.
I chose the ones I wanted and enlarged the pictures on a copy machine as big as I wanted them. Some I had to cut and tape together and once I did that, I colored the pictures.
Glue the pictures to construction paper.
Place the boards on cookie sheets (this is not required).
Using magnetic numbers (you can find these on the 88 cent aisle at Wal-Mart), the students count the items and place the number beside the item they counted.
These games are so easy to make and help the students to review the Bible story as well their counting skills. You can review the Bible story with your students as you check the game with them.

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Be Brave, Keep Going said...

This is a spectacular idea!!


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