Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catch the Memory Bug

This little guy was made by my friend Sasha. It is a cute memory item for any young age. Follow these instructions to make your memory bug:

  1. Buy large pom poms and wiggle eyes from a craft store. You will also need to buy thread or hot glue gun items depending on how you are going to do this.
  2. Decide how big you want your memory bug to be. (Ex.: 12 pom poms for 12 sons of Jacob and 12 apostles, 10 pom poms for 10 Commandments and 10 plagues)
  3. Put the desired amount of pom poms together by either threading them together with needle and thread or by hot gluing them together.
  4. Decorate the head of your memory bug as you like.
  5. Find a home for your memory bug and decorate it. A Pringles can works well for large memory bugs and a Crystal Light container works well for small memory bugs.

Keep your memory bug in its home. As your students say the memory goal you want them to learn, slowly pull the bug out - one pom pom for each item they say. (Ex. If they only say 5 commandments, only pull the memory bug out to 5 pom poms.) When they say the whole memory goal, pull it out the entire way. If you are hearing individuals say the memory goals and that individual student says them all, let them have the memory bug for the duration of the class. This is also easy enough you could make one for each student in your class. They can take the memory bug home when they complete the memory goal.

1 comment:

Sasha said...

Wow!! I feel special that you used my idea!! Thanks Becky!! :o)


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