Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Fun Way to Review

One fun way to review several lessons is to make a game board where the students are the "playing pieces". We did this in class this morning and the kids thought it was really cool. As you can tell in the picture the game board was made from different color pieces of construction paper. Our game board wrapped around the room but you could make it whatever size you wanted. I took an empty square tissue box and covered the sides with different color paper to create a "big" die to go with our "big" game board. We have been doing the ABC's of Acts in our kindergarten class. Today we reviewed letters A-H. Because of this I put letters A-H on the game board, along with a few "go back and move ahead" pieces. You could put anything you wanted on the game board (or nothing at all) to make it go with what you are teaching. Today the children rolled the die, moved that many places on the board, and were asked questions depending on what letter they landed on. If you have several students in your class (we had 8) it might be a good idea to pair them up. They will be more likely to make it to the end of game board (if it's big) in the short amount of class time allotted.

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