Sunday, June 7, 2009

Days of Creation 1-3

I'm beginning with the beginning of the Bible with my 4 year old class this quarter. They've had many lessons previously about Creation, so I'm doing some simple things to help them remember these days. Today we learned about the first three days, and I made these "memories" for them to take home. For Day One, I found little flashlights in Oriental Trading; for Day Two, I cut out clouds and water shapes from construction paper; and for Day 3, I gave them some "Easter" grass and artificial flowers. We also learned the Creation Song for these days. We will continue with the Days of Creation on Wednesday night, and I've found a new song I'm going to teach the children with a new song board. I'll be posting it when I get it done. I've taught Creation many times, and I'm so glad to have found some new strategies for teaching this part of the Bible.


SandraMac said...

Do you have ideas for "Days of Creation" 4-6 memories?
I´d love to see them posted on this page. Thanks in advance!

Handmade aJ said...

agreed! i'd love to know what your rhymes were for days 4-6! thanks for all of this!

Handmade aJ said...

agreed - i'd love to see your rhymes for days 4-6! thanks so much for all this!

Becky W said...

Day 5 - God made birds and fish alive.
Sixth Day - God made animals and man that day.
Day 7 - God is resting in his heaven.


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