Friday, June 26, 2009

Jesus Feeds a Crowd

Here is a cute song to use with a lesson on Jesus feeding the 5000. This song was found in the book "Bible Songs and Action Rhymes" The book suggest using a lunch box when singing this song! I did use this song with my 2 year olds and even though it's a little long they liked it because of the lunchbox. It kept them interested!

(Tune: "Hush, Little Baby")

Five Little loaves and two little fish,
one small boy and a great big wish
to hear Jesus from a hillside rock.
He followed Jesus with his lunch box.

A large crowd of people came that day
to hear Jesus and learn his ways.
The crowd grew hungry and needed fed.
The only food was fish and bread.

To Jesus this boy gave his lunch.
Just a little, but soon was much.
Jesus prayed and blessed the bread;
then 5000 folks were fed.

Jesus is God's special one.
He's God's one and only Son.
He can do may wonderful things!
He's the reason that we sing!

The book suggest doing this while singing!
As you sing the first verse, place the bread (or crackers) and 2 fish (toy or paper) into the lunch box and close the lid. At the end of the second verse, open the lunch box and show fish and bread. On the third verse, act as though you're passing out the lunch to each child.

Talk with children about how we can share what we have with God and with others.

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