Saturday, July 4, 2009

Elijah and Elisha Review

Elijah and Elisha are tough to keep straight - even for adults. In the 4 year old class, they end their time there learning about these two men but there is still some confusion. So, for our new Kindergartners, we use this to help us ALL keep these two important men straight.

We use two square Kleenex boxes one for each man (see this post). Then we made a poster board for each man as well (see pictures below).

In each Kleenex box, we placed pictures that represented each story that was taught on each man. We would pull the picture out of Elijah's box and review the story. Then, we would place the picture on the Elijah board. We would do the same thing for Elisha.
To do a complete review, we would place all the pictures in one box and as we would take the pictures out, the students would tell us which man it belonged to and we would let them place it on the appropriate poster.
Later, it would be a center game for the students to play as they came into class.

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