Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wise and Foolish Builders

Today's lesson in Kindergarten was about the Wise and Foolish builders. The kids have been singing "The Wise Man Built His House on The Rock" since they were babies so this story was familiar to most of them. We talked about what a parable is and the reason Jesus told parables.

We did this activity as we talked about why we should build our houses (lives) on a solid foundation (Jesus) and not on the sand! They loved this and thankfully it worked like it was supposed to. I did reinforce the house on the rock by taping the popsicle stick to the bottom of the pan before stacking up the rocks! We couldn't have that house falling too! The last time I tried this some of the rocks wouldn't stay put and the house leaned a little! I wanted it to stand firm this time.

Before the storm came!

The rains came down!

The house on the rock stood firm!

A very simple craft. Find pictures of houses and have the kids glue one on a rock and the other sideways on some sand!

Another wise and foolish builders song! Found this song here I printed off some coloring pages to use as visuals to go along with the song. I put the words on the back of each picture

Tune: This Old Man
This wise man, he built well
he built well up on a rock

When the rains came down
And the Floods came up
This man's house stood firm and strong!

Foolish man, he built wrong
he built wrong up on the sand

When the rains came down
And the Floods came up
This man's house came tumbling down!


Be Brave, Keep Going said...

love this! I think I just may do this with the kids at home!

BIBLE teacher said...

Very interesting!!!

Unknown said...

Love it will use it in my class


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