Sunday, January 2, 2011

Creation Blocks

I did not make these, but have wanted to!!! So, when I saw them made, I took a picture of them to share with you because who knows when I will have them made!  One reason I love these is because you can do so many things with them!  Save the square boxes of Kleenexes and cover them with bulletin board paper.  Find numbers and pictures of the different things made on each day (as seen in the picture).  You can place one number on each box or 6 numbers on one box (one on each face).  Possibilities are numerous now!!!  If you use one number for each box, have your students place them in the correct order and review what was made on each day.  If you use one box for all 6 days, have each student roll the box and whatever number comes up have them tell you what was made on that day!

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