Sunday, January 9, 2011

Healing of the Lame Man

I don't teach below Kindergarten often, but, when I do, I try to do a lot of activities to keep the kids up and moving!!!!  When I was teaching the three year olds about Paul, these are some of the activities we used for the lesson.  This gate had been made for a VBS lesson.  We try to save as many of these things as possible so we can reuse them year after year.  I found the mat from Oriental Trading - in their beach section!!!  The kids loved that part of it!  We let each child that wanted to be the lame man on the mat.  The rest of the class would sing the song that went with the lesson while the child who was lame became well.  We did this COUNTLESS times!!!

One of the things we did when they came into class was to begin coloring their story telling figures. I took these same figures to teach the lesson later.  They worked on coloring them and we would talk about what we thought the lesson would be about.  It is always fun to hear their thoughts!

This is how I used them in the lesson.  The kids love the sand box.  I usually let them touch the sand after the lesson if they sit still through it.

This was one of my favorite lessons to teach and there are so many lame man stories you can use these ideas with - Jesus, Peter and Paul!!!!

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