Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jesus Calms the Storm

VBS- "By the Sea" lesson- Jesus Calms the Storm

2 year old center- sorting boats by color

Jesus calms the storm craft. Use a piece of construction paper and fold the top down a few iches. Under the flap glue storm cloud and lightening.  Glue water and boat along bottom of construction paper. 

Lower flap and glue sun and white cloud. When you raise flap..you have a stormy sea. When you lower the flap you have a calm sea. 

Tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It"

Je-sus calmed the stormy sea.
Je-sus calmed the stormy sea.
Jesus spoke to the wind and said, "Peace be Still'
Je-sus calmed the stormy sea.

Our snacks to go along with the lesson were edible boats! We had apple boats with cheese sails and we also had banana boats with strawberry sails. These could be used with many lessons involving boats including Jonah, Paul being shipwrecked, Noah, apostles fishing, etc. 


Ticia said...

I love the snacks with this.

Courtney@Booksnboys said...

I love the craft! Brilliant!

Glenys Nellist said...

Just discvered your site through Pinterest today..I love it! So many great ideas. Blessings on your ministry to us!

Kirsty said...

Just wanted to ask if it's OK to pin things from this site on Pinterest? Some great ideas!

Becky W said...

Yes ma'am! Pin away!!! Blessings!


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