Sunday, March 3, 2013

Altar snack

Here's a very simple altar snack that could be used for any lesson involving an altar. I used it when teaching about Abraham and Isaac. You could make this snack using different things. I used prepackaged peanut butter cookies. If you have peanut allergies in your class you would obviously not want to use these. Any square snacks would work! I used three stacked on top of one another and connected each cookies with a little peanut butter to keep them from sliding. For the fire I just colored some canned icing. I made some red and some orange. I put a dab of each color on top of the cookies and placed a few broken pretzel sticks on top for the fire. When doing this with the 2 year olds I put everything together and let them add the logs. Older kids could probably manage doing it all by themselves. 

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Bible Fun For Kids said...

This is cute! Thanks for sharing!


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