Friday, September 19, 2008

Classroom Floor Gameboard

Want a way to review and engage your kids all in one. Get them up and completely involved in this floor game board. All you need is the following:
different colors of poster board or construction paper
(if you use construction paper you will definitely need to laminate the paper before you use it)
masking tape
index cards
To make this game cut the construction paper in half and the posterboard into thirds or fourths (depending on how big you want your squares). Some of the squares you will want to leave blank, so just set them aside after you cut them. On some of the other squares, label actions for the children to do if they arrive on the squares. You can program these squares to go along with the lessons you have been learning. For example:
Storm on the Sea of Galilee - Skip a turn.
Traveling to see Jesus - Skip a turn.
Your faith has made you well - Go ahead 2 spaces.
Josiah forgets God - Go back 1 space.
When all your squares are ready, I would strongly suggest laminating them so they will last longer.
Program the index cards with questions and answers you will want to ask your students from the past lessons. Then you will be ready to get your game down and play!!!
In your classroom, lay down the squares on the floor of your room. Masking tape or packaging tape is a great way to hold the squares down on the floor. You will want to alternate blank squares and action squares on your game board.

You will play the game just like any board game. Have the students role a dice to see how many spaces they can move. Ask a question and, if they get the question right, they can move the spaces they roled. If they land on an action square, let them do that action before going on to the next student. I hope your children have a wonderful time playing this game.

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