Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zoo Pals!!!

Zoo Pals plates, cups and bowls can be found almost in any store these days - including dollar stores. Be on the lookout, especially if you teach toddler and preschool age students. Pick up a pack or two whenever you see them and, once you get quite a few packs, the possibilities are endless!!!
  1. Adam and creation - Let the children pretend to be Adam and name the animals they see.
  2. Noah's Ark - Place a set (2) of animals all around the room and have the students gather the animals 2 by 2 into the ark.
  3. Saul becomes king - In some of the packs you can find donkey plates and things. Get all the donkeys you can find and hide them all over the room. Have your students look for the donkeys with Saul.
  4. Balaam's donkey - Give some students donkey plates to be the donkey and say what the donkey told Balaam.
  5. Lost Sheep - Hide one sheep item in the room. Talk about the other sheep that are in the fold, but we have lost one!! Have the students help you find the lost sheep.
  6. David as a Shepherd - Collect sheep, a bear and a lion. Have some students be sheep, one student a lion, one student a bear and one student David. Have them act out David protecting his sheep from the bear and lion.
  7. Plagues - Frogs - Collect many frog items and place them EVERYWHERE in the classroom.
  8. Lost Son - Collect pigs and have the students feed the pigs like the lost son did.

The possibilities are really endless with what you can do with these animals and the students love interacting with them. What else can you think of?


Emily said...

Hi! I don't really know you, but do know who you are. I lived in Henderson for a few years. I found you through a blog of a friend of friend (small world). Anyhow, I have enjoyed your ideas. I have been teaching 2-4 year olds for years and love your ideas! I, too, teach elementary school as well. My question for you is this, what do you do with all of your games, projects, decorations, etc. when you are not using them? I use totes, but wondered if you had any space saver ideas? Thanks for the good ideas!

us said...

Such a perfect idea for all those zoo pal plates and cups. Wow!


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