Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Creation Wheel Game

For this review game you will need to make a BIG circle on a sheet of posterboard. I used a big tupperware bowl to trace around for this circle. Then, I divided the circle into 7 sections. On each section I wrote something that was created on each day of creation (one section for each day of creation). For prereaders, you could place pictures in each section instead of writing the words. After making your circle, get 7 clothespins and label each clothespin with a different day number.
This game can be played as a class giving each child a clothespin to clip to the appropriate section. This game can then be used as a center for a preclass activity.
This game can also be done to review
  1. mothers and babies
  2. cities and events that happened there (Acts, esp.)
  3. kings and prophets
  4. books of the Bible and authors
  5. people and the jobs they had
  6. much much more

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