Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trash-Filled Thursdays - Fabric Board Part 1

One year I found myself with a ton of boards from bolts of fabric laying around my house after Makin Music. I wondered if I would be able to use these for anything and the answer was "Yes!" For those of you who may not have the blessing of having these boards all over your house (ha ha!), you may go to a fabric store and ask for any extras they have left over or just cut a piece of poster board to resemble this and go from there. Once you have your board, you need to cover it. I used bulletin board paper found in our teacher workroom at church. I, then, put all of the items I wanted on the board using glue/tape. Once everything was in place, I took clear contact paper and covered the whole board with it so it would be protected. With the game board seen below, I used an exact-o knife to open the library pockets. So, the final product is as seen here:

For this game, the students took bookmarks (that I made from a die cut) and wrote descriptions on each bookmark. Some described Esau and others described Jacob. The students would take the bookmarks and place them in the correct pocket. When all the bookmarks were in a pocket, I would check to make sure each was correct.
To recap, you will need the following:
  1. fabric board
  2. bulletin board paper
  3. contact paper
  4. game pieces

I hope this is something you will enjoy making and your students will enjoy playing. Look forward to some more games like this.

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