Thursday, September 4, 2008

From Worksheet to Game - Crossword Puzzles

When I was going through my education classses we were always told to take worksheets and turn them in to games or some activity for the classroom. Many times, especially with older students, we are not able to find activities to review a story. Here is one way you can take crossword puzzles and turn them into center games to review any lesson. Take your worksheet to the copier and enlarge it to the desired size you want. You will have to make 3-4 copies of the puzzle, moving it around to get the entire puzzle. Once you have enlarged it all, cut and tape it together to make the whole puzzle. Lay it on your posterboard and glue or tape it down. You will need to be sure you add the clues somewhere on the posterboard and you may have to renumber the puzzle, so check all of these things before you laminate it.
For the students to be able to use the crossword puzzle you can do one of two things:

  1. You can get dry erase markers and have the students fill in the words. This comes off easily with nail polish remover and a paper towel.

  2. On a piece of construction paper, draw out squares and place the letters you will need for your puzzle in the squares. Laminate the piece of paper and then cut them out. Place them in a ziploc bag and you are ready to go!!!

Another way you can do this is to make it magnetic. Follow the instructions just like before, but after you have laminated the poster board, add a big piece of magnet to the back.

This picture below shows the back of the crossword puzzle posterboard. You can find these big pieces of magnets at Hobby Lobby and Oriental Trading.
Fix the letters the same way as the other way and then add a small piece of magnet to the back of each letter. Place all the letters in a small ziploc bag and you are ready to go!!!

This is just another way to make a quick easy center or review game and gives a new twist to an old idea!!

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