Thursday, September 4, 2008

When Making Games . . .

A wonderful Bible school teacher, Rhonda Thompson, taught me a great deal about centers and review games when I was beginning. I remember one thing she taught me that I want to pass on to you as well. Many times in education classes, you are taught to make your games self-checking. However, in the Bible classroom, do not!!! I try to always place a scripture reference for each question or answer. This way, if the child does not remember the answer or missed that story, he/she can look up the answer in the Bible. This helps them to read for theirselves the answer, but also works on building skills in using the Bible. After a child has finished a game, they are to get a teacher to check their work. This allows some one on one time between you and that students to review the story together. When I check the work, I remove the answers that are wrong, and have them look up in the Bible to find the right answer.
Now, different kids having differen versions of the Bible can cause some difficulties were this is concerned. So, if you have Bibles in your classroom, use one of those to make the games and then put a copy at the game so the students can use those to look up the answers.
I hope that this helps you develop your games and develop your students into ones who dig into the Word.

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