Monday, September 15, 2008

Melody Mondays - The Prodigal Son

I have been blessed with many people who have taught me different things about teaching young ones. One of my favorite ladies, Kim Cook, teaches Kindergaren at the same time I do during the winter quarter. I am always amazed when I come in on Sundays to see and hear the songs she has written to go with the lesson on Wednesday. Here is one of her songs - we will be seeing more from her on Mondays!!

THE PRODIGAL SON (Tune: Green Acres)

Green acres ain’t the life for me
High living is where I should be
But when the money ran out on me
All my friends, they crossed to the other side

Green acres is the life for me
Farm living, so fresh and free
I’ve got a daddy that loves me good
Take that money, just let me go home for good

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