Friday, September 12, 2008

Trash Filled Thursday-(On Friday!)

Because Becky is busy this weekend preparing for family I thought I would post something. She has given us LOTS of great ideas for teaching children's bible classes. Becky is constantly working on new things for class. She is a wonderful teacher as you can see!!
This is a game I used at one of my centers when teaching first grade. I took an empty pizza box and made this game. The kids liked it because it was something different. I made a cardboard circle for the crust and put questions from the lesson on the places where the pizza slices should go. I made slices of pizza from construction paper and put the answers to the questions on those. The kids read the questions on the crust and placed the pizza slices on the correct spot. When finished they had a complete pizza!! This is a simple way to review the lesson with something that appeals to little kids... PIZZA!

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