Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Use Old Bible School Visuals

I found these old visual pictures while going through some Bible school materials. They were smaller in size but the color was still good. I decided to make a copy of each picture on the copy machine. I laminated each picture - the color and the black and white copy. Then I took the black and white laminated copies and cut parts I wanted to highlight or review. I put these pieces in a ziploc bag along with the color pictures.
When I used it in class, I gave each child a couple of the black and white pieces. I laid out the color pictures in front of them. Each child took a turn finding their item in the color pictures. When it was found, they placed the black and white picture over the color part. We talked about that part of the story to review.
This was a very quick and easy activity to make and a great quick way to review any lesson.


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