Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding Moses' Sheep

This activity could be used for many lessons that deal with sheep.  My kids LOVED this activity and wanted to do it every night!  I made different colored sheep from our die cut in the workroom and hid them ALL over the room.  After we talked about how Moses was a shepherd and how he looked out for the sheep, they were able to go all over the room and collect the sheep.  They would bring them back to me when they found them.  

Look, Mrs. Becky, at all the sheep I found!

My friend, Kim, taught the 3 year olds and she had the kids find the sheep as well. She took it up a notch and had a "pen" (strawberry basket) for each color sheep.  In each "pen" was a sheep the color that was suppose to be in that pen.  As the children collected the sheep, they had to put the sheep into the correct color pen.  Again - a HUGE hit!

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