Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Simple Burning Bush Crafts

We had centers each night where the children would go and do something related to that night's lesson.  I wanted to keep everything very simple and decided on these two crafts for the burning bush night.

I got brown construction paper for the mountain and cut random bushes out of green construction paper. Then I (actually my son did this part) tore up red, yellow and orange pieces of construction paper placing each color in a different cup.  When the kids came to this center, their helper glued their bush where they wanted it and then placed lots of random glue dots all over the bush.  The child could then put the pieces of fire all over the bush to represent the bush burning!!

The next craft we found from Oriental Trading.  The kids were able to decorate a flip flop frame to help them remember that God told Moses to take his sandals off - which was one of their favorite parts of the story!!!  We added a picture of each sweet child in the sandal later on in the week and sent it home the last night of VBS.

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