Friday, November 14, 2008

David is a Friend

David is a Friend

Attendance/Memory Item: harp
Bible Time:

Songs: Life of David song, King David

Bible Facts


David is a Friend:
King Saul was very sad so David went to the palace to play for King Saul. While
he was there he met his best friend, Jonathan. Saul wanted to kill David because everyone liked David better than him. Jonathan tried to find out if Saul wanted to kill David and when he did he shot 3 arrows to tell David he had to run away. They promised to always be friends and to take care of each others’ family. Jonathan gave David gifts to show how much he loved David.

Snack – pretzel sticks with mini marshmallows on the ends (arrows)

Role-Play – Let each take turns playing a harp like David would have
Craft – Make arrows and quivers. Cover Pringles’ cans with paper to make the
quivers. Using strips of brown paper, gray triangles and other strips of paper for the arrow feathers make arrows to place into the quivers.
Memory Verse – Make a large hopscotch grid with one or two words on each
square. Let the kids hop out the memory verse.
Game – Target Practice – Ask the kids a question and if they answer it correctly,
let them throw an “arrow” at the target.
Past Lessons:
Lesson One: David as a Shepherd
Lesson Two: David is King

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