Friday, November 14, 2008

David Keeps His Promise

David Keeps His Promise

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David Keeps His Promise:
David is now king and remembered the promise he made to Jonathan about taking
care of his family after Jonathan died. David discovered that Jonathan had a son who was crippled named Mephibosheth. David brought Mephibosheth to the palace and gave a huge feast in honor of him. He also gave Mephibosheth the land that belonged to him.

Snack – give a feast for the kids – cheese and crackers, grapes and apples, etc.
Role-Play – take turns being David and Mephibosheth
Craft – Decorate a cup that would have been used at the feast
Memory Verse – Have the kids say the memory verse and give them a heart ring
when they say it.
Game – Play “Place the Crown on King David” again.

Past Lessons:

Lesson One: David is a Shepherd

Lesson Two: David Chosen to be King

Lesson Three: David is a Friend

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