Thursday, January 26, 2012

Days of Creation 4-7 Poems

Some people have asked for the rhymes for the days of creation.  Here they are:

Day 1, Day 1
God made light when there was none.

Day 2, Day 2
God made skies and seas so blue.

Day 3, Day 3
God made flowers, plants, and trees.

Day 4, Day 4
Sun and moon and stars galore.

Day 5, Day 5
God made birds and fish alive.

Sixth Day, Sixth Day
God made animals and man that day.

Day 7, Day 7
God is resting in His heaven.

Hope this helps you all!!!!


Treva said...

I LOVE this poem! I just came to your site from Pinterest. This looks like a site with a lot of great ideas!

Math Learning Centers said...

This poem has got a calm tone. Truly great! I loved it. The title has got a depth in it.


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