Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Soccer True or False Game

I am NOT an artist, but somehow I rigged this soccer goal out of poster board. You could find a clip art picture an enlarge it onto poster board and laminate it. I found soccer ball note pads at a teacher resource store and bought them to go with this game. I took the story we had been studying (you can use any story) and wrote true and false statements on each ball. I came up with 12 statements about the story. The kids took turns reading the statements after the story. If the statement was true, the ball went into the goal. If the statement was false, the ball went outside the goal. The kids loved playing this game and it could be used over and over for a good review. I hope your kids get a kick out of playing this game!

1 comment:

Melissa Lester said...

This is looking great so far! Only a couple of days into this blog, you already have so many ideas. Great work!


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