Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sun Stands Still Review Game

Joshua 7-10
This game reviews the 3 events leading up to the battle of the sun standing still as well as this great story. You will need 4 yellow circles (the center of the sun) and yellow triangles (the rays of the sun). On each circle write one of the following events: First Ai Battle, Second Ai Battle, Gilgal treaty, Amonite battle. On the triangles write descriptions of these events. The children will match the descriptions to the events and make 4 suns in the process. Laminate or cover with clear contact paper to provide stability. The triangle descriptions include:

First Ai Battle
1. Joshua sent spies to the city. (7:2)
2. 3,000 men went to this battle. (7:4)
3. Joshua asked God, “Why?” (7:7)
4. Achan’s sin effected this battle. (7:19-21)
Second Ai Battle
1. Joshua took 30,000 men to this battle. (8:3)
2. This city was left defenseless. (8:14)
3. The king was hung on a tree (8:29)
4. The Israelite army set an ambush as God told them. (8:2)
Gilgal Treaty
1. A group of Gibeonites tricked the Israelites. (9:4-5)
2. These people were scared and wanted to have the Israelites on their side. (9:6-7)
3. The Israelites did not ask God about what they should do. (9:14)
4. The Israelites were upset, but kept their promise to these people. (9:18-20)
Amorite Battle
1. The Gibeonites were in a battle and asked Israel to help. (10:6)
2. The Lord sent hailstones to help Israel in battle. (10:11)
3. Joshua asked God to keep the sun still, and it stayed in the sky for one full day. (10:12-13)
4. Israel traveled all night to get to the battle. (10:9)

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