Friday, August 29, 2008

Trash-Filled Thursdays - An Old Cigar Box

For this activity, you will need to have an old cigar box or a box with a hinged lid. For a true trash-filled day I was going to use a Schwan's cookie dough box, but someone threw it away!! As you see in the picture, I also used a tin lunch box for this same activity.

Personal Size Flannel and Magnet Boards

As I taught the younger primary grades I kept seeing a desire – especially from the little girls – to play Bible school teacher at the beginning to class. I started using a flannel graph board as a center in my classroom, but wanted to develop this idea to go beyond center time.
I remembered as a young child having a wooden pencil box with felt glued to the top. In the box part where the pencils would be stored were leftover flannel graph figures where I could tell my own Bible stories. I have adapted that idea to some extent because it is difficult to find those boxes anymore. Looking through Oriental Trading magazine I found plain cigar box purses and tin lunchboxes and realized this is what you could use as well as discarded boxes.
To create the flannel board, I cut a piece of felt to fit the inside lid of the box and then glued it in. This leaves the deeper part of the box to hold the flannel graph pieces. You do have to choose some of the medium to small size flannel graph pieces to use for this.
To create the magnet board, I found old pictures from Bible stories, had them laminated (or covered with clear contact paper), and attached a magnet to the back of the picture. The pictures can be stored in the deepest part of the box and then the inside lid or the outside of the box can be used to tell the Bible stories.
Each of these is very inexpensive to make and can be used with even some toddler classes. My two and four year old love to get them out while we are working in my classroom. You can make one for each child to have when they get to class or make some for them to share and take turns being the teacher. This can also be used to review Bible stories as each child can pull out a picture to the answer of a question. You can also make the flannel board box for your child to take to church for an activity during the worship service. (The magnet board may be too loud!) The possibilities are endless!!!

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