Saturday, September 27, 2008

Center Management

We have been showing many ideas for centers in your Bible class. I am a HUGE fan of using centers in a Bible classroom - even as early as 4 year olds. We will focus on this in a later post, but I wanted to show you a very easy way to manage your centers in the classroom. We have tried many different things, but this is the easiest way we have found to see which students have completed which centers. Make a generic chart like the one seen above that lists every student in your room. You can leave some blanks for new students and visitors. Copy a chart for each center and at the top write the name of the center. Tape the chart beside the center game. When a student finishes a center, they will come get you to check it and when they have done it right, put a sticker next to their name. This will show them and you in the future which centers have been done by which students.

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