Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trash-Filled Thursdays - Pringles Cans

When my class was studying the life of David, I needed a game to review all the characters we had been introduced to, as well as to review the story of Jonathan helping David escape from his father, Saul (1 Samuel 20). I saw a craft idea where the class made arrows and quivers and completely redid it to make this game. What you will need;
5 empty Pringles cans
brown paper
gray paper
different colors of paper
I laminated the paper before I covered the Pringles cans. Once the paper was laminated, I taped the paper to the cans and then labeled (or you can do this before you laminate the paper) the cans: David, Samuel, King Saul and Jonathan. The 5th can I kept empty for all the arrows to be kept in before they play the game.
I made the arrows by cutting brown paper 2 inches by 11-12 inches (depending on the size of the paper). With the colored paper, I made feathers to go on the ends of the arrows. When they were made, I used tape to attach them to the ends of the arrows. With gray paper, I made the arrow heads and taped them to the top of the arrow. (see picture below) I made about 20 or so arrows. When they were all made, I labeled each arrow with a description of each character. These descriptions came from what we had learned in the different lessons. Then, I laminated the arrows.
To play the game, all of the arrows, were placed in the unlabeled Pringles can. The students would pull an arrow out of the quiver, read the description, and then place it in the quiver of the person it described.
The kids enjoyed playing this game and it was a great way to review many lessons at once!

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