Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't Hesitate to Ask Part I

When you are different places don't hesitate to ask them for supplies for your classroom. Arby's is great to give your french fry holders. They have the best because they can stand up all on their own!!! So, make a game out of them!! We have a french fry die cut we use to make our french fries but you can make your own out of yellow construction paper or a yellow sponge. French Fry holders are great for sorting games. For this one, our students were putting the books of the Bible into the different divisions. Each book of the Bible was on a french fry. At the start of the center game, all the french fries were in the fry holder labeled "Books of the Bible." To play the game, the students place the fry in the correct holder.
You can also do "Kings of Judah vs Kings of Israel," "Judge or King," "Writers of the Bible," and even descriptions of Bible characters. It is endless what you can do!!

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