Friday, October 10, 2008

Jobs in the Classroom

I could never remember who did what job from week to week. So, I made this chart (the one on our right) to help me remember. I made a list of all the jobs I had my students do. I took clothespins and wrote each student's name on one of the pins. Their pin would be clipped to their job of the day. Some of the jobs were as follows:
  1. Leading the Prayer
  2. Song Assistant - choosing the songs we sing at the beginning and helping me with them
  3. Center Checker - makes sure centers are picked up and helping friends clean them up
  4. Attendance - counts how many are here and helps me put it out on the door
  5. Cleans tables - helps pick up crayons and supplies we used at the end of class
  6. Visitor's friend - sits with and helps any visitors we have for that day
  7. Pick up Carpet Squares - helps pick up the carpets at the end of the class

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