Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nehemiah is a Cupbearer

I thought I had pictures for all these things, but I cannot find them anywhere!!! I do have some of the things in my possession, so I will take pictures of them and add them later. Today, I want to share with you the first lesson in our Nehemiah series entitled,

Nehemiah was a Cup Bearer
The whole lesson and all the activities were centered around this sentence. It was the main idea we wanted to the kids to take with them when they left. Here is our lesson outline for this lesson.
Bible Time:
Bible facts – Divisions of the Bible, who gave us the Bible, where we will find Nehemiah in the Bible

Introduction to Nehemiah
We had one of the men at church (my dad, actually) who was Nehemiah each night. He would come in, dressed in Bible clothes, and tell the children the story for the night. The kids LOVED this!!! They still call him "Knee He Miah!!"
Talk about what his job was to the king and why it was important

Activities **
Snack – cheese and fruit with juice
Decorate cups – let each child decorate a cup ** We bought the kind of cups you can slip the piece of paper into after it has been decorated.
Lacing – a cup
Coloring – colored a picture of Nehemiah being a cup bearer
Role-Play – took turns being the king and Nehemiah taking the cup to the king (took pictures of each child as Nehemiah for a scrapbook at the end)
** The different activities were done as centers. We divided the class into small groups and had an adult (or two) at each activity. The students rotated through the activities during this time. This was done during VBS. When I taught it in a Bible class, I just chose different activities to do as a whole class.

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