Saturday, November 8, 2008

A VBS Take Home

You may have noticed in my Nehemiah lesson plans we included a drama center each night where we would take a picture of each child. We plaved these pictures in a paper bag scrapbook as a reminder of the lessons.
You can click here for directions on how to make the paper bag scrapbook. You don't have to sew them as the instructions say. You can also punch two or three holes on the side and tie them with ribbons to hold the bags together.
We took pictures each night and on Tuesday night we took the Wednesday picture just to make the last night go a little smoother. One year we printed them at home on regular paper. Another year we ordered them from Wal Mart's one hour pick up and put them in the scrapbooks. You can do whatever you feel is best.
Parents love and cherish these books. Children enjoy looking and remembering the stories they find in these books. They take a little work but are well worth it!!

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