Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bible Times House I

When teaching stories that involve houses in the Bible times, use something like this to help your children visualize what those houses look liked since they were so different from ours today. This one is a box on its side covered with bulletin board paper. This house is particularly used for the story of the paralyzed man with four friends. A hole was cut in the top and then saved to be the mat for the paralyzed man to lay on. Using shoe strings or any type of yarn, attach it to the mat and help lower the paralyzed man down to see Jesus. You can use any pictures to create the scene you want.

1 comment:

SandraMac said...

I love your ideas!
So simple and so cute!
Thanks for sharing!
I´m a Sunday School Teacher in Brasil - Sout America!
God bless!


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