Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pig Food

I love seeing teenagers in the Bible classrooms learning how to teach!  This idea comes from one of our best!  She made this as a take home when teaching about the prodigal son.  This was her pig's food - although I think all the kids liked eating it!!! She put popcorn, fruit loops, cheerios, raisins, etc. in her pig's food!  It is a good way to show the kids how the pigs ate whatever was left over!

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Courtney@Booksnboys said...

I used this snack with my Sunday School class today. It was perfect not only because it went with the story but also because I could personalize the snacks for children with allergies! I have a couple kids in my class that are gluten-free and one that is soy/dairy free.
Thanks so much for this idea!!!!


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