Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From Worksheet to Game - Hidden Picture Puzzles

A few posts ago (see here) I showed how to take a worksheet and turn it into a crossword puzzle. However, not all ages can do a crossword puzzle. Young ones can do this though!! I found books and books on hidden pictures and decidede to turn them into games for the young ones. Find a picture you want to use. Enlarge it to 200% on a copying machine. (You will have to move the sheet around and will have to make 4-5 copies to get the whole sheet copied.) Make sure you enlarge the pictures your students are suppose to find. They are usually found at the top of the sheet. Tape the pages together so you can see the big picture. Color it and paste (or tape) it to a half sheet of poster board. Paste a pocket of some kind to the poster board. I used a library pocket. Laminate the poster board and the pictures your students are to find. Cut out the pictures your students are to find. Using an exacto knife, open the pocket on the poster board. Place the pictures inside the pocket and you are ready to go!!!
I found these sheets from these books. They are great for hidden pictures as well as other ideas for poster games.
Your students will be finding hidden pictures or parts of the big picture while reviewing their Bible stories!

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