Friday, November 14, 2008

David is Chosen to be King

David is Chosen to be King

Attendance/Memory Item: crown
Bible Time:

Songs: Life of David (verses 1 and 2), King David (verses 1 and 3)

Bible Facts


David is Chosen to be King:
Samuel goes looking for the new king God wants to anoint. He looks at all of Jesse’s sons until he finds David – who has a good heart. David is the one God wants to become king after Saul.

Snacks – Crown cookies decorate with icing drops and Skittles
Role-Play I – Let them play like they are king with a crown sitting on
the throne.

Role Play II - Let them use binoculars (2 toilet paper rolls hot glued together) and look for the new king. (We took copies of 7 men with sad hearts on the back of them and one man with a happy heart on the back of him. We hid them all over the room. They would look for the men and when they found one they would check his heart to see if that was the one God wanted as the new king.)
Craft – decorate crowns
Memory Verse – act out the memory verse
Game – Place the Crown on King David – Have the kids answer questions. When they answer them correctly they can place the crown on David’s head. You can blindfold them if you want

Past Lessons:

Lesson One: David as a Shepherd

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