Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Four Corners

This is a very simple review game for 4 years old on up. My son (who is 5) plays it in his Bible class and then we play it at home! It is a great way to review ANY story!

  1. Get 4 pieces of the same colored construction.
  2. Choose 4 words from the story you are wanting to review. On slips of paper, write clues for each word (2-3) or just write the words on a slip of paper and make up the clues as you need them.
  3. Write a word on each piece of paper - you might want to draw a picture to represent the word if you are working with prereaders.
  4. Hang the pieces of paper on the four corners of your room.
  5. Go over the words with your students.
  6. Have the students choose a word to stand under for the first round.
  7. Choose a slip of paper from #2. Call out the clue on the slip of paper or make a clue that fits the word on your paper.
  8. The children who are standing under that word must come and sit down. If no one is under that word, choose another clue.
  9. Once the students sit down, have the ones who are standing choose another word to stand under and repeat the process until one child is left and declared the winner.

You can use another color of paper for a different set of words you want to review. How simple and effective this game is!


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